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How long does it take to arrive?

1、It takes about 7-15 days for craftsmen to customize it by hand.
2、We use the fastest shipping company, Matson, for the first section of transportation, which takes about 12-13 days to arrive at the Long Beach port in the United States.
3、It will be delivered to your home by a truck company in the United States. The delivery time will vary depending on the customer's address. The truck company will make an appointment to deliver it to you at a convenient time.

Do you support customizing products for customers?

Certainly! We offer 100% customization. Our designers can create unique products tailored to your exact specifications. All you need to do is contact us and let us know your requirements.

Does the price include the mirror? Can I purchase the vanity without the mirror?

The price includes the mirror. However, you can also purchase just the vanity.

Do you provide services for designers?

We are very open to collaborating with designers. You can bring us your ideas, and we'll assist in bringing them to life. In fact, we're currently engaging in this practice.

I'm in need of electrical specifications so the room can be prepared for the vanity. Can you send them, please?

Our products are suitable for voltages of 110V-220V.

What is the recommended install height of all pieces from the floor?

We recommend the sink be approximately 33 inches from the floor, and the mirror should be situated about 12 inches above the sink.

Does the mirror cabinet plug in or is it hardwired?

It can be hardwired or plugged in.

What is the length of the water pipes?

The length of the hot and cold water pipes is around 24 inches, and the length of the drain pipe is around 31-35 inches.

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